Fall is almost here! Its hard to believe but summer is almost over and that means that fall decorating is just around the corner. Be sure to check back often to see what to pumpkin and gourd varieties we have this year!

Each year we install subsurface drainage tile in one or two fields. The tile drains wet areas allowing for timely planting and harvest. Tiled fields also have more consistent yields. We have also seen an increase in the amount of organic matter in tiled fields.


When the weather heats up the pigs are sure glad that they have shade and plenty of water.

pigs in shade

What a spring!! As of mid June things on the farm are finally starting to wind down. All of the corn, beans, and pumpkins have been planted. This spring was more challenging than most with the excess rain. Most of the crops were planted at least 3 weeks later than we would like. In the big picture, the late planting date shouldn’t decrease yields too much. About a third of our beans had to be replanted because of the heavy rains we received in May. All-in-all the crops are off to a good start. The picture below shows the sidedress applicator that we use to apply nitrogen fertilizer to the corn. Nitrogen is one of the main nutrients needed by corn to achieve optimum plant health. We choose to apply the nitrogen after the corn has emerged to maximize the nutrient needed by the plant. We will be at the first Washington Square Farmers Market beginning on June 22nd. Come on out and say “hi”.

Sidedress Corn

13 corn

It’s here!!!… Just in time for grilling season. We are now selling farm fresh beef and pork raised on our farm with care. Click on the “Fresh Beef and Pork” tab for more information.

As of now most of our crops have been planted, but with the wet spring our produce won’t be ready until mid-July. We will keep you updated as the crops grow.

We take pride in what we sell and challenge you to taste the difference!

We are located northeast of Washington on Cruger Rd. See the map under the  “Farm Stand” page.